Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery


Why Won’t a Golf Cart Run with Only One Bad Battery?

Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery

When your golf cart doesn’t start, it’s tempting to jump the two remaining batteries with a set of jumper cables and continue playing golf that day. However, if one of your batteries is bad, jumping the cart won’t get you very far – maybe only a few feet before the other battery drains completely and the cart stops again. To ensure you can safely finish your round of golf, follow these steps to replace the bad battery in your golf cart so you can avoid draining both batteries at once.


“Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery?”

Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery
Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery batterydux.com

How to check your bad golf cart battery?

If your golf cart won’t start, the first thing you should do is check the batteries. Most golf carts have two 12-volt batteries, and if one of them is bad, the golf cart won’t run. There are a few ways to test a battery to see if it’s not good. The easiest way is to use a voltmeter. and voltage less than 12 v battery is not in good condition 

.A hydrometer tells you how much charge is left in the battery. It looks like a thermometer, but it will read specific gravity instead of reading temperature. A good battery will read about 1.2 on the hydrometer scale. If your battery reads higher, it has enough charge for now and can still power your golf cart.

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Causes of Disparity Between Batteries?

Several possible causes exist for the disparity between batteries in a golf cart. The most common cause is simply age – as batteries age, they lose capacity and eventually need to be replaced. Another common cause is sulfation when the lead plates in the battery become coated with lead sulfate.

 This can happen if the battery is discharged too deeply or left unused for too long. Sulfation reduces the battery’s ability to accept a charge and can eventually render it unusable. 

A third possibility is a damage caused by exposure to extreme heat or cold. Batteries should never be stored in freezing temperatures because this can lead to cracking of the case and consequent short-circuiting. In addition, batteries should not be charged while exposed to high ambient temperatures because this will shorten their life span.

 These causes all result in a disparity between batteries, and it’s important to understand what might have caused your battery to underperform. Often, all that is needed is replacing one or more of your batteries – but if you’ve had them for several years, it may be worth investing in an entirely new set.

Opt for Quality Lead-Acid Batteries: The best way to get around these problems is to use high-quality lead-acid batteries from reputable brands like Southern Motion or Trojan.


What should you do if you only have one good battery?

If you only have one good battery, you should: 

  1.  Check the voltage of the battery. If it is 12 volts or less, it needs to be replaced. 
  2.  Charge the battery for at least eight hours before using the golf cart. 
  3.  Use the golf cart for short trips until you get a new battery. 
  4.  Avoid using high-powered accessories, such as headlights, heated seats, and radio, which can drain the battery quickly. 
  5.  Maintain your car’s charging system by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  6.  Buy an extra battery to keep on hand so that if your first battery dies, you can swap it out while charging the dead one in an external charger (or purchase a second car).

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What happens when both batteries are bad?

If both batteries are bad, the golf cart will not run. The cart needs two good batteries to function properly. When one battery is bad, it causes a decrease in power and can cause the cart to run slowly or erratically. If both batteries are bad, the cart will not have enough power to run. The cart also needs two good batteries to work properly. One bad battery decreases the cart’s power and can make it move slowly or do erratic things, but without either of them, it will not be able to operate at all.

“Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery ”

Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery batterydux.com
Will A Golf Cart Run With One Bad Battery batterydux.com

How do I avoid having two dead batteries in my golf cart?

One of the most common reasons a golf cart does not run is the batteries. If you have two 12-volt batteries in your golf cart and one is dead, the golf cart will not run. To avoid having two dead batteries, you should regularly check the water level in each battery and equalize them every few months. You can also add electrolytes to any or all cells in the battery if necessary. 

It would help if you also used a charger that matches your battery’s voltage when charging it. For example, using an 8-volt charger on a 12-volt battery could lead to overcharging, which can ruin both batteries. The lower the charge in the battery, the longer it will take to charge. 

On top of this, many people who use car chargers don’t know how fast they need to charge their battery. Some chargers are much faster than others, so always check how long it takes for your specific charger to fully charge your golf cart’s battery before plugging it in!


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