Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Leak Acid


Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Leak Acid and How to Fix It

Watering a discharged battery during the summer season is one of the most common mistakes golf cart owners make.
The following article will explain how golf cart batteries leak acid and what can be done to fix it. The typical golf cart battery contains lead-acid cells, which can corrode over time from exposure to the elements,

particularly water and air. You don’t want this type of battery leaking acid in your car or on your golf cart, so you should know about the causes of leakage and how to prevent it. If you have any questions about the information in this article, please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible

Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Leak Acid ?
Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Leak Acid ?

Common Causes of Golf Cart Battery Acid Leaking 

The most common causes for acid leaking from a golf cart battery are overcharging or water damage. Let’s take a look at each scenario. First, if your battery is overcharged, this can cause the acid to leak out of the vents on top of the battery. When this happens, you should turn off your power system immediately and have your charger checked.

Second, if your golf cart is exposed to water or moisture for an extended period of time, it can cause corrosion in your battery terminals. This corrosion may also cause damage that allows acid to leak from your cart. If you do notice acid leaking from a golf cart battery, it’s best to have it replaced as soon as possible because corroded terminals can allow current to leak away from batteries during charging which will lead them fail early.

Finally, if you are experiencing a leaking golf cart battery, it’s best to have your power system checked by a professional technician. This will ensure that you get accurate information regarding what is causing acid leakage from your battery. If it’s overcharging, then they can fix your system so it no longer happens. If you have water damage or corrosion, they can check for any issues in those areas as well.

Fixing Your Golf Cart  Battery Acid Leaks

If you have a golf cart battery leak, don’t panic! There are many ways to fix the problem. First, remove the battery from the cart. Next, you will want to clean up any spilled acid and remove any corrosion that is present on your battery posts. Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove the corrosion. Now you will want to use baking soda and water to neutralize any acid that is left over in your battery well.

Next, you will want to clean any corrosion from your battery terminals. Be sure that you are wearing protective gloves and eyewear when cleaning your terminals. You may use a wire brush or steel wool, although it is best to avoid steel wool because it can leave tiny metal splinters in your battery well where they could cause additional problems.

Once your terminals are clean, you will want to apply a thin layer of corrosion-preventing grease or battery terminal protector. You will also want to wipe off any dust, dirt or other debris that may have collected in your well.

Once your battery is clean, you can re-install it in your golf cart. Be sure that your posts are completely dry before trying to recharge your battery. If you have a sealed, maintenance-free battery, you won’t have to worry about additional clean up after charging or recharging.

Why Golf Cart Batteries Need Water

Golf cart batteries need water to function properly. When a battery is charged, the water inside of it becomes ionized. These ions are what carry electricity from one end of the battery to the other, ultimately creating power for your car. If a battery does not have enough water in it, its performance will decrease over time as the ions lose their effectiveness.

This is why golf cart batteries require filling up with distilled water every month or so – the longer you go without doing this, the worse your battery will perform.

Final Thoughts

While it is possible that the acid has leaked out because of a defect in the battery, most often this is caused by overcharging. This can happen when the battery is left on charge for too long or if the charger isn’t set to charge at a low enough voltage. To avoid this issue you need to make sure that your charger matches up with your golf cart.

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