Is It Ok To Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery


Is it OK to Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery?

“Is It OK To Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery”

Many times, people will only need to replace one battery in their golf cart instead of all four at once, so it’s natural to wonder if this is OK. The short answer? Of course! While it might be a bit overkill to replace just one, doing so won’t cause any harm to your cart or your business. It might save you money since you won’t have to purchase the whole set immediately.


Is It Ok To Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery
Is It Ok To Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery


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“replacing only one battery.”

You might not know it, but it’s because other batteries are either low or nearly depleted when you have a dead or weak golf cart battery. Since these batteries work together and can’t power the whole cart alone, it is best to swap out all of them at once to restore your range.

 That way, you won’t have to deal with dead batteries or a limited range later on and risk injuring yourself. Always ensure all your golf cart batteries are good before using them again. If any of them show signs of not holding a charge for as long, then replace all of them for optimal performance.


“how do I know if my golf cart batteries are bad.”

Checking the voltage on a battery is a quick way to see how much juice it has left. However, volts don’t matter as much as amps. Amps measure the amount of power that can be released at any given moment, so they’re what’s important in this scenario. The fewer amps available, the weaker your batteries are. For example, six amps are needed for a 600-watt light bulb and just three for a 120-volt plug outlet.

 To determine whether a battery is healthy, you must measure its amp-hour rating. Amp-hours are like gallons of gas for a car—they determine how far you can go on a charge. So if your battery has an amp-hour rating of 100, you’ll be able to release 100 amps for one hour before it’s dead (not very useful). On average, lead acid batteries should have an amp-hour rating between 60 and 80—for example, 96 amps for six hours.

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Replacing all your batteries at once

The whole point of getting batteries is to ensure your equipment starts. When the battery needs a jump start, it’s time for a new set. If the voltage in all your cells has dropped below 12 volts, it’s time for new batteries. If the cells are between 12 and 10 volts, they might still work fine but not as long as they should or at peak efficiency. Anything less than 10 volts, and you’ll watch your machinery die with every use. Worse yet, anything less than 6 volts will cause permanent damage to your battery. Once again, it’s time for new batteries when the voltages dip below 12 volts.


“mixing old and new golf cart batteries.”

Mixing old and new golf cart batteries in the same cart is not recommended. If one battery has discharged, the remaining battery will take up the slack of running the electric cart, which can cause that battery to overheat or die early.

 If a golf cart has multiple batteries, you could use one older and one newer battery. If your golf cart has only one battery, you should consider replacing all of them at once. You can have new batteries shipped directly to your home if you live in an area where they are available or go to a local retailer to shop for them in person.


“how long do golf cart batteries last.”

Golf cart batteries are lead acid, so they can’t be recharged. Recharging lead acid batteries would ruin them and would release harmful fumes. Therefore, you can’t charge a golf cart battery. A common misconception is that leaving your cart plugged in all the time will keep the battery charged and working well. This is not true because charging the battery would release harmful gasses into the atmosphere and damage it.

 You can’t charge a golf cart battery, but you can replace them if they go bad. You will have to remove and replace all batteries once for your cart to function properly. Replacing golf cart batteries is easy if you follow these simple steps.

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Helpful ways to extend your golf carts life span


A charged golf cart is necessary for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. More importantly, having one that runs properly is critical. A common question we get is whether or not you can replace just one battery on your golf cart. That’s a difficult question to answer because it all depends on what type of batteries you have and their charge state and age.

 So, how do you choose when to replace all your batteries or just one? First, you need to consider what type of batteries you have. Are they lead acid, AGM or lithium-ion? For most golf cart battery installations, lead acid is still considered standard. AGM is often used for newer systems and lithium-ion for very high-end carts. Typically, a set of golf cart batteries in good condition should last 3-5 years, depending on their initial quality.

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