How Often Should Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged


How Often Should Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged

Golf cart batteries must be charged as often as possible to give you the most out of them. But how often should you charge your golf cart battery? When do you know if it’s time to go ahead and recharge your golf cart’s battery? Here are some tips and things to consider when deciding when to recharge your golf cart batteries.

If you want your golf cart to operate when you need it, you should pay attention to the care and maintenance of your batteries. Batteries are supposed to be charged after every use,

Why do you need to charge your golf cart?

Over time batteries get old, and their power to retain charge decrease, and battery performance also decrease your golf cart performance. One less expensive solution is to charge the battery to its full potential.

As a best practice, you should always try to keep the battery charged, even if you have never used it for months. One great way to keep them in good shape is by plugging them into an automated charger once or every other month.

How Often Should Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged
How Often Should Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged

When to charge your battery

You may wonder when to charge your golf cart batteries. Well, it all depends on how often you use the cart. If you use it more than twice a week, your batteries will probably need to be charged monthly. If you only use it once a month, they could go without being charged for three months.

One way to tell if you should charge your battery is by paying attention to how much use it gets. If your battery isn’t being used very often, you could wait a long time before charging it.

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The difference between using a smart charger or not

A smart charger is a device that monitors the battery life of your golf cart and sends an alert to you when it detects the battery needs charging. If you do not use a smart charger, it is important to maintain a daily charge routine. Be sure to take precautions against overcharging by disconnecting the charger once your batteries are at full power.

A smart charger can save you time and money because it will alert you when your batteries are charged and do not need to be plugged in anymore. If you leave your charger on for too long, it can cause damage to your golf cart battery. A smart charger is a worthwhile investment for anyone with a golf cart battery.

What are some good smart chargers?

If you own a golf cart, the batteries need to be charged before and after each use. Most battery chargers are automatic, so they will charge when not used. A fully charged battery should last about two days, but this will vary depending on how much the golf cart is used.

The size of the battery also plays a role in how often it needs to be charged – the bigger the battery, the more power it can store and therefore needs to be recharged more often.

What if I don’t have a smart charger or want my old charger back?

If you do not have a smart charger or wish to return the old one, it is best to use your golf cart battery and charge it every time you use it. If you are unsure whether your golf cart battery is fully charged, use a voltmeter. Disconnect the positive cable from the negative pole of your battery and then measure the voltage.

A reading over 12 volts signifies that it’s 100% charged.

Alternatively, if you do not have a smart charger or wish to return your old one, it is best to charge your golf cart battery

immediately after each use. If you don’t use your golf cart often or for a long time, you must check its voltage every couple of months to prevent overcharging and damage caused by sulfation.


This can be done using a voltmeter. Disconnect both terminals of your battery, then measure the voltage with a voltmeter.

Tips For A Safer And Better Charging Experience

1) Be cautious around wet surfaces.

2) Don’t overcharge your batteries-battery life will be shorter, and you can damage the cells in the battery and make it so that it won’t recharge fully.

3) Charge your batteries more often when you first get them, even if you don’t need to.

4) Allow time to cool down when charging-extreme temperature differences can hurt the life of your battery.

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