How Many Amps Does a Golf Cart Battery Charger Pull


How Many Amps Does a Golf Cart Battery Charger Pull?

The answer to the question How Many Amps Does a Golf Cart Battery Charger Pull? Is. Ever wonder how much electricity you use to charge your golf cart? This can be especially important if you have an older, less-efficient charger and want to improve the efficiency of your charging setup. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out how many amps you’re pulling from the wall with your current design! And we’ll show you how in this article!

To check this, your battery is pulling extra amps. You need an ampere meter and check the ampers of the battery if there is 36v or 48v battery 10 and 20 amps. Ampers or higher, then your battery is in lousy condition. Take this to the workshop and find out the expert.

The general rule of thumb is that if you have a 36-volt system with two 12-volt batteries, the battery charger should produce no more than six amps. If you have an older 24-volt system with one 12-volt battery, the maximum amperage for the battery charger is four amps.

How Many Amps Does a Golf Cart Battery Charger Pull
How Many Amps Does a Golf Cart Battery Charger Pull


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Why Do I Need To Know This Information?

As someone who owns a golf cart, you may wonder how many amps your battery charger should be. After all, you want to ensure that you’re charging your golf cart battery correctly! A golf cart battery charger can draw anywhere from 4-12 amps depending on the type of system it is connected to and the battery’s condition. It’s also important to consider safety measures like circuit breakers or fuses when using a high amp system with an extension cord or power strip. 

Otherwise, if the circuit breaker trips while charging your battery, you’ll need to wait until it resets before reattempting to set it. With a simple understanding of how many amps your golf cart battery charger pulls, you can ensure that the charger and its cables are in good working order and avoid any potentially hazardous situations.


Factors that affect the number of amps pulled.

Several factors affect how many amps your golf cart battery charger will pull. 

Another factor changing your amp draw is using a trickle charger versus an automatic charging system. A trickle charger will pull fewer amps, which is why they are typically cheaper than mechanical systems. In addition, you may need to install an alternator upgrade on your golf cart’s battery to handle those added amps. This could be a significant expense if your vehicle doesn’t have one already. 

And if you choose not to do so and something goes wrong with the electrical system in your golf cart, you’re likely going to have some expensive repairs or possibly even be looking at buying a new golf cart altogether.

 One way to avoid these costly repairs is by purchasing high-quality batteries when you buy your golf cart.

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What else should I know about golf cart chargers?

When shopping for a golf cart battery charger, you’ll want to pay attention to the voltage and amperage. Most golf cart battery chargers will be between 36 and 48 volts, average around 40 volts. As for the amperage, it will usually be between 10 and 20 amps. 

These figures vary because not all golf carts have batteries that require an equal amount of charging time. A smaller, lighter battery might only need eight amps, while a larger one might need 16 or more. 


A great feature of most golf cart chargers is their ability to charge lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries – but note that if your batteries require different amounts of charging time, this may not work well for you. 

Chargers designed for lead acid batteries should provide at least 14-16 amps to charge quickly enough. You should also make sure your charger has a terminal plug so you can connect wires directly instead of through cables. 

Lastly, check the warranty coverage before buying anything. You don’t want to spend money on something without knowing what kind of support you’re getting behind it! If your charger isn’t doing the job, go back and find a better one. Properly maintain your golf cart, and always keep spare parts on hand just in case you break down. After all, there’s nothing worse than being stranded out in the middle of nowhere when your vehicle needs some serious TLC.

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