Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries


Distilled water in golf cart batteries – The many benefits you didn’t know about

Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries

What goes into a golf cart battery? Golf cart batteries contain lead plates, sulfuric acid, and a few other minor additives.

 Over time, the sulfuric acid in your golf cart battery will degrade the lead plates in the battery, rendering it useless and causing it to leak or not hold any charge at all. The lead plates within the golf cart battery can be restored to their original form by replacing the sulfuric acid with fresh, distilled water. 

This process can be repeated several times before needing to replace the entire golf cart battery.

Many golf cart owners prefer distilled water in their bae hardy, and it last longer than car batteries; however, you can help your golf cart batteries last even longer by replacing them

stories because it’s purer than tap water and doesn’t leave any deposits on the battery plates that can reduce your battery’s efficiency over time. With this simple guide, golf cart batteries are built to be distilled water every six months.

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Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries
Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries

Distilled Water Uses and Benefits

It’s no secret that distilled water is great for your health. But did you know that it can also be used in golf cart batteries? That’s right; distilled water can prolong the life of your battery and make it run more efficiently. Why does this happen? Well, two things happen when you use distilled water instead of tap water: 

A) Corrosion-causing chemicals are eliminated, which means there will be less corrosion inside the battery; 

B) Bacteria growth is inhibited because bacteria cannot survive in a dry environment. Not only does this mean there will be fewer bacteria growth, but the salty residue left behind by tap water won’t clog up your system over time.

 So, try adding distilled water when your battery life dwindles, and it’s not holding a charge like it used to. It may be just what your battery needs!

Definition of distilled water

If you’re not sure what distilled water is, it’s simply water that has been boiled and then condensed back into a liquid. It also ensures that no dissolved solids are left in the water, which could lead to corrosion on battery terminals or within the cells of the battery itself. There are other advantages to using distilled water as well: 

It won’t corrode metal parts as readily as regular tap water will 

It won’t contribute to chlorine build-up on battery posts 

It can reduce sulphate deposits on lead plates in flooded cell batteries. And because distilled water doesn’t contain any salt, it can prevent corrosion of surfaces exposed to high-sulphur fuels like diesel. Distilled water is considered safe in sealed and unsealed lead-acid batteries.

If you have a question about whether distilled water should be used in your golf cart battery, contact a professional before doing anything yourself


Why you should use it

Are you tired of your golf cart batteries not lasting as long as they used to? Do you feel like you constantly have to replace them? If so, then it’s time to switch to distilled water. Here’s why

 Distilled water helps protect against corrosion because it has no impurities. Your battery will last longer and can get a full charge before you use it, making it easier to run your golf cart for longer periods. It’s also cheaper than other batteries and easy to replace. Ensure you use distilled water with your new battery, so it lasts for years!

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Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries
Do You Put Distilled Water In Golf Cart Batteries

How to use it

First, it’s important to understand that distilled water differs from regular drinking water. Distilled water has been boiled and then cooled, so it doesn’t contain any minerals. This makes it ideal for golf cart batteries because it won’t leave any deposits behind. In addition, using distilled water means you don’t have to worry about anything getting corroded by the battery acid inside your battery. 

Plus, the lack of minerals means there’s no need to replace it as often as you would with a mineral-filled water container. If you are concerned about how much electricity this will cost, don’t be! A 5-gallon jug of distilled water costs less than $2 at your local grocery store or gas station!

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Applications of using it

Golf carts are often used in humid and hot environments, so it’s important to keep them well-maintained. One way to do this is by using distilled water in the batteries. Not only does this help maintain battery life, but it also protects them from corrosion. 

Distilled water also acts as a coolant that can extend your tires’ life because they won’t wear out as quickly when they’re not overheated. 

Another great reason for using distilled water is that it reduces buildup on battery terminals which means there will be less chance of an electric shock when touching them with bare hands or sweaty palms. 

It’s easy to buy distilled water at your local grocery store and if you don’t want to buy gallons of it at once, filling up individual containers at the store is also an option. 

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